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Beyond God & Religion

On-demand Faith Deconstruction Coaching and Support

Deconstructing your religious beliefs impacts just about everything.

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Relationship with Self

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Relationships with Others

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Relationship with the Existential

Most “help” isn’t actually very helpful...

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“Have you tried praying harder?”

“Are your doubts really worth going to hell over?”

“Just choose to believe.”

“You’re overthinking it.”

“Don’t go down this road, you’ll lose your faith.”

“Just think of the pain you’ll cause everyone.”

“Well, I haven’t had any problems so...”

“You just need to forgive and focus on the good.”

“This is just a phase. Hang in there.”

Hi, I’m Kyle.

Certified Deconstruction Coach, Speaker, and Apostate

  • Professionally mentored 120+ paying clients from ex-Mormon, ex-Christian, and ex-Muslim backgrounds

  • Expert in the psychology of faith transitions, Human Needs Theory, and personality science

Real Client Experiences:

"I hired Kyle two months ago, and I have seen more positive changes in my life than I have in the past 10 years of seeing various therapists. Kyle's program is amazing!"

- Rachel

"I just want to say that Kyle delivered one of the best client experiences I've ever had the pleasure of having. He's extremely helpful, very responsive between sessions and he made me feel confident that I could achieve the outcome I wanted. He made things much easier for me to manage.

I declare him MVP of the year."

- Eileen

"Kyle's program has given me a new outlook of life. Since hiring Kyle 2 weeks ago, I've already been able to make some big progress with my family. If I had known things could get better so quickly, I'd have gotten coaching years ago!"

- Theo

There’s no getting around it- deconstructing is tough.

As your guide, it’s my job not just to help you survive this tricky phase of your life, but thrive like never before.

It may not feel like it now, but you’ve never been closer to building the life you’ve always wanted than you are right now. You may feel afraid that what’s ahead is insurmountable...

but as someone who’s already walked the road before, I promise you- it’s not.

My audacious goal is this: to help you become a case study of just how happy, healthy, and fulfilled a person can be, even after going toe to toe with one of life’s curviest curveballs- religious deconstruction.

Real Client Experiences:

"One of the biggest surprises of my time with Kyle was how much he knew about personality psychology. He helped me realize that much of my identity wasn't me, but rather my mind becoming a personality I wasn't in order to get love. I'm now busily exploring myself in ways I didn't give myself permission to before."

- Ben

"Kyle, thank you so much for helping me! You've tapped into something that no one else ever has. This has been groundbreaking stuff for me. Thank you!”

- Peter

"Kyle, we're so thankful to have you. We'll definitely keep coming to you for help! You helped us realize things we've been thinking low-key but never brought to the surface. It's like you have a gift and can predict what we're going to say! You made us realize what we really want from life. You were so right!"

- Jim & Sarah

Our call will be fast, free, and there’s no contract to sign-

which means you’re always in control.


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